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Re: Seattle?
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Forgot two more!

The seattle pinball museum
Shorty's for more pinball and beer.

Re: Seattle?
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I'll be there the week of November 5th, with a car. Concert listings look weak...any restaurant / bar recommends?

Cloudburst brewery (check their hours first)
Fremont Brewing Company

I'd do Reuben's Brews before some of these others
Cloudburst is #1 IMO and in a central location to do stuff in belltown

Fremont is cool, I didn't love the beer, but it's got a great view of the water/bike trail
but not a lot else right there

Never made it in to No Anchor (also on belltown) but they have a great deck and killer beer selection
there was one that Sweets recommend that was  looked worth the trip

I didn't make to MoPOP and regret...looks awesome and very unique to Seattle
take the car ferry to bainbridge...Hitchcocks is great food and fancy drinks
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