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Re: for nkotb
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Look...I have a Star Wars tattoo.  I got picked on in middle school for reading the expanded universe novels (by the same people, mind you, at opening nights of the prequel movies waving lightsabers. I'm not bitter!). I have a closet full of Star Wars merch.  And even I wouldn't have stayed at that hotel.  What a horrible idea!

couldn't decide which thread, belly up, JA or this

Disney World is shutting down its $2,500-a-night Star Wars-themed hotel

I assume smakie has already spent a night

Re: for nkotb
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so I know that trek stuff isn't supposed to be here...but part of the NKOTB ethos is IDGAF

also still pissed off about this and of all the atrocities Disney did to the franchise...this tops the list for me

thing that pissed me off was the rainbow scooter gang, would think that would appeal to me on a lot of levels, but just annoyed me as it totally didn't work for me and seemed super cheesy
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Re: for nkotb
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She even looks somewhat like Capt. Janeway
😐 🎶

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I'd just be worried about sporting a red shirt


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Re: for nkotb
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mandalorian & grogu movie being developed, season 2 of Ashoka forthcoming.


Re: for nkotb
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hmm, this is not how I expected you to look, can't believe you didn't mention Isreal?