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Re: Best of 2023!
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Glad they remembered Ryuichi Sakamoto even if he had to die to make it on.

Re: Best of 2023!
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Any best of 2023 list that doesn't include The Hives - "The Death Of Randy Fitzsimmons" is bunk
or Cave World by Viagra Boys

and I'm sad to agree Olivia Rodrigo's GUTS is one of the best of the year too

I have heard so few of those albums or the artists on that list, will have to do some homework

Fee things
1. Been listening to TDORF and god damn does this album rock.  First listen didnít really grab me, but now in heavy rotation
2. While I love the VBoys, I alway hang my head in shame about this comment. Technically Cave World came out with a Deluxe edition in 2023, the album came out in 2022
3. Hot take you didnít want or expect
Olivia >Taylor.  Iíve been subjected to about 4ish hours a week listening to my 14 year olds selections which lean very heavily on TS and OR (as well as Eminem?!?) and without out a doubt the songs I unintentionally find my self digging are always OR and almost never TS