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Re: How to end systemic racism?
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Bob has left the building (Lee statue removed from VA Capital)


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Re: How to end systemic racism?
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I cannot believe it was ever there...


Re: How to end systemic racism?
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Well, everything I've posted here has been ironic...but this might help


A lawsuit has been filed that accuses Trump and the GOP of violating the Ku Klux Klan Act. The complaint was just amended. It's pending before Judge Sullivan. The suit alleges intimidation and coercion of election officials in an effort to target and disenfranchise Black voters.
From what we can tell, and we're not legal scholars, this is exactly the lawsuit that needed to be brought. The essence of the GOP has been to preserve minority rule through voter suppression and worse. It's gotten more out of control, which will happen when a racist is elected.


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Re: How to end systemic racism?
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In 1964 Dusty Springfield embarked on a tour of South Africa. Unlike a lot of other artists who went there, she put a clause in her contract that stipulated she would only play to non-segregated audiences. She and her band had just two shows under their belts when their passports were seized at a hotel in Capetown. For three days they weren't allowed access to phones and questioned by authorities who eventually told them they could only finish the tour if they respected apartheid regulations. Dusty refused and was forced out of the country. She donated all the money she made to Black South African charities. This was nearly 20 years before the anti-apartheid cause became trendy among celebrities.

You never know who the real punk rockers are until it's punk rock time.

^ that's a great closing line!